Norm Applebaum, Architect, AIA:

Bud Anderson can do museum-quality furniture and cabinetry. For example, he was asked by the Schindler House in Los Angeles to make furniture from Schindler's original drawings. Bud is the best I've ever worked with. He's conscientious and A+ in what he does. I don't think there's a better woodworker in the country.

Wallace E. Cunningham, Architect:

Bud does beautiful work, and executes it faithfully to the design.

Drew Hubbell, Hubbell & Hubbell Art and Architecture:

We have worked with Anderson Woodworks on numerous projects ranging from custom cabinetry to sculpted shelving. We are always impressed with the care and craftsmanship that goes into the work.

James M. Johnson, Architect:

Bud Anderson and his associates are master craftsmen. Bud's work, and his approach to the work, define excellence.

Chuck Lang, Lang Contracting:

Bud's a great guy, a true craftsman. The terms "quality" and "craftsmanship" are overused, but in their purest definition, they fit Anderson Woodworks. There's no limitation to their capabilities. It makes me comfortable knowing they can do anything requested of them. It means that I can do anything, too, because I have them backing me up.

David Lorimer, Architect, AIA:

I have worked with Bud Anderson for many years on custom homes. I know that when he is involved, I can assure my clients that we will end up with a product on budget, on time and most importantly, of the finest craftsmanship.

Vicki McIntyre, La Jolla homeowner:

Anderson Woodworks handcrafted recessed shelves, cabinetry, desks, doors, windows and more during the three-year restoration of our historic home. Their work is incredibly beautiful and detailed, and their entire team is wonderful to work with.

John Stewart, Interior Designer:

Bud does the work as it's asked for and is a pleasure to work with. It's a joy to see him take my visual concepts to reality. He scales the work off my drawings, takes field measurements and does full-sized plan views on his shop floor to verify problem field conditions or tight tolerances. Many structures are far from square or plumb, and knowing this before you walk in with a finished product is a godsend. When I work with Bud, I never have to worry. I know there won't be problems, and that what he makes will look just as I had envisioned it.

Bob Sweeney, President, Friends of the Shindler House, West Hollywood, CA

Everything Bud and his team have done at the Shindler house, with all the inherent complications of working on a globally recognized architectural landmark, has been satisfying. One project, the Hugh Jacobson egg crate bookcase, stands out as the greatest cause for celebration. I still sit and visually trace its perfect alignment, which, as Bud pointed out, "looks like nothing, but in fact is something." Bud's modesty belies his talent, and for both I salute him. I am grateful to Jim Johnson for the introduction.

Robert Wright, ASID, Bast-Wright Interiors:

Bud Anderson and his team are terrific to work with. The scope of what they can accomplish is impressive, from making arched pocket doors to crafting custom furniture from difficult woods (such as mesquite, which is unusually dense). Professional, reliable, painstaking, conscientious -- all those words apply. I recommend Anderson Woodworks highly.


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